Are selena gomez and alfredo flores dating

No matter their relationship status, the pair have been spotted together frequently, notably at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in April and in quick social-media posts by both that have been promptly removed.

Incidentally, Gomez, the former Disney star who spent about two weeks in rehab in January, had a noisy party at her Hidden Hills home on Tuesday and neighbors called the police to complain about the rowdy get-together around p.m., TMZ reported.

And that's despite the best efforts of some overzealous bloggers, who seem intent on making it look like she's moved on from Justin Bieber with her old pal Alfredo Flores.

The two were spotted last night walking arm-in-arm at the Warner Music Group/"He's just a friend," a source tells me.

“That s—t’s wack.” Bieber and Gomez dated from 2011 to 2014, and it sounds like one of them is having trouble letting go.

If you're struggling to get over an ex, one person you probably shouldn't turn to for guidance is Justin Bieber, after he threw more shade at ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez's new love interest The Weeknd on Instagram.

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PHOTOS: Selena's sexy style "It is always on-and-off," the source close to Bieber tells Us. Now they are together again, next week they won't be." But, the source adds, "They never stop talking, even when you don't see them together—that never changes.It's a question that we've been trying to answer all year long: are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating or nah?While we may not know the definitive answer before the year ends (if ever), they've managed to keep their couple status a mystery for nearly 365 days, mostly through the taunting assistance of social media.We've said "awww" to all their adorable selfie moments, pondered their relationship and the mysteries of the universe as they posted and deleted photos and, at times, left us utterly perplexed as they unfollowed each other on Instagram, then followed, and then unfollowed again.All in all it's been an exhausting and confusing year for Jelena, and quite frankly, for all of us on the outside, it's really made no sense.

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