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seperti yang dikatakan oleh Peter Ustinov dalam Aftertaste (1958), sedikit orang berhenti menjadi manusia, dan mulai menjadi gagasan, kemudian menjadi monumen, sampai akhirnya menjadi aftertaste: bukti kejayaan masa lalu yang menyisakan rasa tertentu di kepala-kepala generasi saat ini'Student assessment have to take place locally, in class, with face to face feed back, and not performed from long distance, assessed mechanically, and returned with some score, suggestion or rectification about what must be done’-Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at Harvard University, United States of America-Formerly, before graduated standard at junior and senior high school specified in certain passing grade, there is never emerge an objections as much as this time.

Several objections judge that national exam is only government project, which have potencies to harm many sides, including student itself. Its start at neglecting of student basic rights, provide unjust reality because students hard work in learning -during three years- must be vanished in short 120 minute of national exam, up to a debatable passing grade which convinced not yet conform to the quality of our education process, particularly at under-develop regions with minimum facility.

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Including to providing a feedback about how well student comprehend the lesson items.

Now, because of the current crackdown on Uighurs--and ongoing race riots--in China's far western territory of Xinjiang (also known as East Turkestan), access to Facebook is denied throughout China.

Thanks to some lovely proxy-servers, I can still *see* Facebook (including messages and wall posts), but my current proxy setup doesn't allow me to respond or actually interact with my Facebook account.

Does the public want a candidate, smarter, tougher, classier, more ethical than we or is it okay to vote for that guy who video tapes himself stun-gunning his friends on you tube? Also interesting – While there are thousands of intelligent, dedicated soldiers in the armed forces, it’s widely known that to a large degree, the army draws its ranks from young men and women serving in lieu of being able to afford higher education, kids desperate to flee poor home situations and returning from extended tours in greater and greater trauma.

Will military service be a point gainer in future elections, and what kind of candidates can we expect to come out of today’s war – the exhausted, oft demoralized forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the WWIII that is hot on our heels?

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