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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a big and solid video game that continues to deliver plenty of hours of fun for gamers all over the world, but what seems to be a growing minority is affected by an insidious bug which eliminates almost all party-based banter and is currently ignored by the development team at Bio Ware.The thread on the official forums of publisher Electronic Arts has been growing steadily since the game was launched, and what seemed initially like a quirk of some game versions which could be eliminated via restarts now seems to be a big problem that more and more players are noticing.There was a rumor a while back that he had been forced out. Didn't agree with his views at all but I am not fond of call out culture or trying to get people fired over tweets. :/ Welcome to the help dialog for the Custom Mini-Profile Creator plugin!I think he was under contract to do ME: A many years ago, and cutting him loose would have cost them money and set them back further. Also funny that people are blaming him for the issues this game had when he would only have worked on the maps and combat which aren't being criticised at all (in fact the combat is being praised). The combat is the one thing everyone seem to really like. However looking at screenshots of his older Twitter description which something like 'fighting for ethnic (brown? Click on any of the tabs above to go through the plugin configuration process! Having played some Andromeda I'll at least say this, in case some of what I played was his work: Thank you Manveer, Omega DLC and Andromeda has some good fuckin' gameplay, but I hope you move forward in the industry while cooling the racism, or do other stuff, hopefully unharmful to people. Hopefully you move past your racism and move on to better things. Again, I love the more realistic preset, but there IS something rather odd about the complexions and lack of refinement on the fair faces. I was blocked from his twitter after the very first thing I posted to him, but honestly I was never that up in arms even if his tweets about wanting to rid the world of white men was nuts. I hated supporting a company that hired open racists and I'd rather someone slightly worse than a qualified hateful racist.Some gamers have been reporting that the banter can be re-enabled by always using the War Table in Dragon Age: Inquisition to travel to locations and by never changing parties once an area is accessed.Others are saying that only deleting saves and some temporary files and then restarting the campaign brings the dialogue back.

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Their first game, Shattered Steel, began its life as a proof-of-concept demo, similar to the Mech Warrior games.

This demo was submitted to ten publishers, seven of whom returned to the company with an offer.

If your mini-profile template is already customized and you've hit the variable limit for your template you're free to remove any lines from the code below if they contain information that you don't plan on using.

For example, if you have no plans to ever add a user's IP to their mini-profile for staff reference you can remove Once you've added the HTML from the Layout Templates tab you're ready to move on to building your mini-profiles.

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