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Fahey himself borrowed from the folk and blues traditions in American music but also incorporated classical, Brazilian, Indian and abstract music into his eclectic oeuvremusician; brother of Anton Fahrbach, Joseph Fahrbach and Philipp Fahrbach the Elder. Strauss the Elder; also composed waltzes and marches, had his own band and was military bandmaster from 1848musician and composer of works for the flute; brother of Anton Fahrbach, Friedrich Fahrbach and Philipp Fahrbach the Elder; flute and guitar virtuoso at the Court Opera Theatre, also ran a music school and was a military bandmasterviolinist and composer; brother of Anton Fahrbach, Friedrich Fahrbach and Joseph Fahrbach, father of Philipp Fahrbach the Younger.

He formed his own band from 1835, but in the period 1838-1856 he was director of music for the court balls and later in the period 1856-1865, he was a military bandmasterviolinist and band leader; son of Philipp Fahrbach the Elder.

We also have images of survey plats and field notes, land status records, and control document index records.

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