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I've discovered recently discovered Skin Ceuticals. Your role is so different than some of the things I’ve seen you in. They have some great antioxidant products and [the results] are immediate. A woman who is fragile but also bold—lots of colors. "I'm in Ireland at the moment," she purred sounding every inch the femme fatale she often plays on the silver screen. "We just started about a week ago and then I'm going to go straight over to a Tim Burton film." The busy actress also managed to find time to pose in the 2015 Campari calendar wearing a fantasy wardrobe that included Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, and Versace. I just discovered that brand Moogoo, it's for very sensitive scalp.

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“Dark Shadows” did make nearly million domestic after a weak start, but the critically reviled film cost 0 million.

Somewhere between the glamorous photo shoots and prepping for her various roles, Green managed to find time to talk to us about where she likes to wander in Paris, how she keeps her skin glowing, and what her new role in the latest Tim Burton movie entails. What’s your secret to keeping your hair healthy and shiny?

PHOTOS: The Top 10 Brunettes in Hollywood And what about your skin?

The movie stars Asa Butterfield as the main boy and Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, who is also a shapeshifter.

“She’s like a scary Mary Poppins, and she can turn into a bird,” Burton told EW this week.

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