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Did you know why Morris Material Handling can use the P&H™ logo but Konecranes cannot?

With the 2006 acquisition of Morris Material Handling, Konecranes became the rightful owner of the engineering drawings, manufacturing machines and general know-how that built the P&H™ brand of overhead crane dating back to 1884.

These timeless designs stand out from the generically uninspiring designs found elsewhere.

We offer three distinct materials: historic composition for woodwork/furniture, beautifully detailed had cast plaster, and quality hardwoods.

Our offering spans all major periods, making us an invaluable resource for all your special moulding requirements. Dozens of classically inspired wall panel designs, nearly 200 grille sizes, window valances, ornate pilaster designs, niche shells, festoons, shields and of course ceiling medallions make this an area you should take some time viewing.

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