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Law360, San Francisco (March 18, 2014, PM EDT) -- Three alleged members of an international cybercrime ring who attempted to steal million by hacking customer accounts at JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Pay Pal Inc., Nordstrom Bank and others were charged with wire fraud and identity theft in New Jersey federal court Monday, prosecutors said.Oleksiy Sharapka, 33, and Leonid Yanovitsky, 39, both of Kiev, Ukraine; and Richard Gundersen, 47, of Brooklyn, N.

Back in 1995, Andrew Gregorovich of the FORUM Ukrainian Review argued that as "Kiev" was based on an old Ukrainian-language name for the city, and that Kyiv and other potential Roman transliterations — such as Kyjiv and Kyyiv — were confusing for English speakers, Kiev was just fine. "We are not writing in Ukrainian, we are writing in English, so we use commonly understood English names for cities – hence Munich rather than Muenchen, Cologne not Koeln, Rome not Roma, etc." At Business Insider, it was a similar issue.You need to learn how it works, and each time you get “tricked” you will gain the needed experience to understand what it takes to succeed in this part of the world.I came to Kiev after three months in Kharkov, so I already knew the deal, and ended up helping a fellow American from getting stuck with the bill when a girl was ready to order everything she saw on a sushi menu.The BGN still allows Kiev to be used, arguing that 'Kyiv' is just a "an exception to the BGN-approved romanization system that is applied to Ukrainian geographic names in Ukrainian Cyrillic script." More noticeably, almost every major news organization seems to too have stuck with "Kiev." The Associated Press, Reuters, the BBC, The New York Times, and many others, all use the "Russian" spelling. At one point, we put "Kyiv" in a headline, and a number of people explained that they thought it was a typo.The spelling is just so rare that it's not always recognizable to readers.

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