Ubuntu vuze not updating

Install Vuze in Ubuntu via Get Deb repository: The Get Deb repository has built Vuze 5.7.5 for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, and their derivatives. Open terminal (Ctrl Alt T) and run command to add the Get Deb repository: 3.After adding the repository, install Vuze 5.7.5 either via Synaptic Package Manager: [lightbox full=” or by running following commands in terminal: I'm a freelance blogger who started using Ubuntu 5 years ago and wishes to share my experiences and some useful tips with Ubuntu beginners and lovers.It has support for multiple downloads, queuing, prioritizing files, start, stop seeding options.Main features: In order to get the latest Vuze version on your Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr, Linux Mint 17.x, Elementary OS 0.3 Freya and other Ubuntu derivative system, you need to add the Get Deb repository and the key to your system, update the local repository index and install the vuze package.If I try to install it now, it runs into the old version and wont uninstall it for some reason.So what do I have to do to get rid of it like I never installed it in the first place???All you have to do is add the ppa to your system, get the repo’s key, update the local repository and install the vuze package.Tagged with: deepin, deepin 2014, elementary os, elementary os 0.3, how to install vuze on deepin, how to install vuze on elementary os, how to install vuze on linux lite, how to install vuze on linux mint, how to install vuze on lxle, how to install vuze on peppermint, how to install vuze on pinguy os, how to install vuze on ubuntu, linux lite, linux lite 2.0, linux mint, linux mint 17, linux mint 17.1, lxle, lxle 14.04, peppermint, peppermint five, pinguy os, pinguy os 14.04, ubuntu, ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 14.10, vuze Posted in The Linux and Unix Articles!

All I want to do is uninstall it so I can install the one that works from the web.Multimedia Bit Torrent client Bit Torrent is a peer-to-peer file distribution tool.Vuze is a multimedia Bit Torrent client based on Azureus intended for DVD and HD video.Just installed vuse (azerus) and ran it, I installed it from terminal...Now when I run it, it just keeps saying it downloaded an upgrade and needs to restart, but when I restart it, it does the same thing again, and again, and again, and again, it wont stop. Reason is probably this: the installed vuze/azureus is older than newest version, so update is downloaded, but can't be installed because you need root-rights for that.

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