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The initial Windows XP release was followed by the release of Windows XP 64-Bit Edition (v2002), Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition (v2003).On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will cease official XP support.Windows 7 has gained lot of popularity due to Customer Preview program and many Windows Xp users are in favor of Windows 7.So a big chunk of Windows XP users will be expecting to upgrade to Windows 7 unfortunately there is no direct upgrade option is available from Windows XP to Windows 7.Because code executing in kernel mode enjoys wide privileges on the system, the signing requirement aims to ensure that only code with known origin execute at this level.

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Click Custom to perform an upgrade to your existing Windows installation.(When you perform a custom installation of Windows 7, files that were used in the earlier version of Windows are stored in a folder. Above guide will only help you in keeping Windows XP Profiles and Settings however you will need to reinstall all your programs in Windows 72.Webopedia Blog: Windows XP: Move Along, Nothing to See Here Government computers running Windows XP will be vulnerable to hackers Microsoft to Issue Anti-Malware Signatures After Windows XP Support Cutoff Windows XP: The End Is Near95 Percent of the ATMs in the World Still Run Windows XPWindows XP Security Issues: Fact Vs.Fiction Windows XP was made available in in two versions, Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.Authenticode certificates can be obtained from certificate authorities trusted by Microsoft.Microsoft trusts the certificate authority to verify the applicant's identity before issuing a certificate.

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